Writing Prompts

Mapped with Scars

As they sat in the relative safety of shaded alley, he focused on her body. Sitting still with her eyes closed, she was highlighted by a diffused low light coming from a weak lantern near the back entrance to a restaurant. Her muscular frame rippled under her sweat soaked shirt sticking to her body. The… Continue reading Mapped with Scars

Book Recommendations

Deanna Delaney’s Book Recommendations

This is the first installment of my book recommendations. Part book report (because I actually love them) and part book review, I want to share my thoughts on what I read and show love women's ficition.  Real women's ficition. Not the pornographic/semi-pornographic trash I find listed as women's fiction. I love stories about women. Sure,… Continue reading Deanna Delaney’s Book Recommendations

Contemporary Short Stories

The New Girl

I finally published my first short story, The New Girl! The New Girl is the story of Aimee, a city girl whose parents move her to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. She realizes quickly that she stands out in her new hometown even though she doesn't want to. However, after she marries… Continue reading The New Girl