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Days as People Writing Prompt

Trying to dust off my writing brain and get out of the non-writing funk I have found myself, I decided to write this prompt.

“Write the days of the week as people.”

Sunday thinks he is an 18th century gentleman who doesn’t or shouldn’t work. He wants to spend his days playing golf or tennis at the club with a group of friends. He enjoys betting on horse racing and thinks he is a wine connoisseur even though he really doesn’t know much about it. No one really knows how Sunday supports his lifestyle and when asked Sunday answers questions with vague descriptions that keep everyone guessing. Eventually he would like to marry and have children but he sees himself single for the foreseeable future.

Monday is a frantic mother of three young boys and one rambunctious girl. Monday really thought that her little girl would be calmer, cleaner, and an ally. But she was very wrong. Monday has an interesting job that she manages to describe in the most boring way possible leaving people feeling slightly depressed when they speak to her. She is always a bit of a mess with bits of dirt or food stuck to every shirt she wears. Monday wants to look nice but can’t seem to muster the energy to be the glamorous girl she desires to be. She is pragmatic and thirty rather than luxurious.

Tuesday could do anything in the world. She always succeeds at whatever she attempts and has more confidence than seems necessary in any one person. One could assume that her confidence and abilities are compensating for some deep personal failures and insecurity but no. Tuesday is actually that person who is good at everything, has never really suffered from personal misgivings, and really believes that life is good. Tuesday has never had to overcome an obstacle in life but if one were presented to her it probably wouldn’t pose too much of a threat to her.

Wednesday is the instigator. She doesn’t try to be cruel although sometimes her humor comes out that way. Wednesday is an expert at getting people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do just for Wednesday’s amusement. Her humor is as varied as time and depends entirely on who surrounds her.

Thursday tries hard, but he is just too tired. Everything Thursday does takes more effort than most people because he can’t focus as much nor as long. Bored by most subjects Thursday daydreams a lot in school and takes naps when he can. Most people would agree that Thursday has every attribute of someone who should succeed but Thursday is bound for the lifetime minimum wage job.

Friday is full of spirit and will try anything. She is involved in many activities but doesn’t excel at any of them which is fine with her. She just wants to have fun. No one would describe Friday as a party animal but more of a socialite except she lacks the money to actually join that crowd. She likes going out to dinner with friends, a movie alone, and the occasional sporting event for something a bit rowdier. When Friday eventually gets home she crashes hard and sleeps for a long time.

Saturday can never say no to a good party. He is an expert at drinking games and brags incessantly about his ability to drink lots of alcohol. He is a guy’s-guy and harasses his friends for having a “ball and chain,” never realizing that he is annoying and rude. People let him hang around though because he can always be counted on to recruit lots of people to come to a party and he is the ultimate drinking host, for an hour or so. Working the room, he makes sure everyone has a drink in hand and that all the games are running smoothly. After the first hour though and Saturday goes berserk, waking up in the morning wondering why his bed is soaked and who puked in his wire trash can.


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